Czech Hunting Ep. 157

Hello there studs! How are you doing lately? Are you still so busy with your work? Well, we thought that it was about time you took a break and enjoy some of ours latest sex scene! So how about taking a break and watching what we have prepared for you today, huh? We are starting this cloudy day with the same guy that is going to play to us today the episode nr. 157 from his journey in this beautiful country! It seems like he got quite an interesting journey over there and there are a lot of eager guys to fuck and get fucked in exchange of an amount of money! How about seeing what happened today, shall we?

Our crazy dude was today seeking for a hot guy that was willing to shove his hard cock down his throat and it seems like he found him sooner than he ever thought! After received our dude’s offer, they went to a place where no one could disturb them and this new dude started to rub our guy’s fat cock! After counting the money and putting them in a safe place, he took that hard tool into his mouth until it was hard enough for that deep and intense penetration that was about to follow! Next thing we know that our guy penetrated this guy’s anus hole from behind while he was rubbing his hard tool! Soon after that he started to tease this dude’s penis by rubbing it right before getting on top of it! In the end, both of them came i the same time while one was filling the other guy’s butt and the other was cumming all over the floor! If you wanna see much more amazing scenes around here, just join us and we will give you full access!


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Czech Hunter – Extra Refreshments

Hello there eager guys! We are glad to have you back! Are you eager to see what happened around here while you were gone? Well’, don’t worry as we have got much more amazing stuff that you could have a look at, such as this fresh new scene! Our favorite guy is out again to search some dude that could accept his proposal! So as soon at he found this guy in the center of the city, he looked like he needed some indications, but he approached and told this guy what he wanted! As soon as they agreed, they both headed to a spa where this guy had reservations and they had a very nice sexual experience alone in the room where the Jacuzzi was! How about seeing what happened over there, shall we?

This cloudy day brought our dude outside once again willing to pick up some dude willing to take some money in exchange for a deep and intense fucking session! Luckily for him, he didn’t had to search for too long as he found this guy right away! After getting to the spa center, this dude received his money and soon after that they took their clothes off! After being naked they both rubbed each other’s penises and handjobed them until they were hard enough! Then it was time that he got into the big jacuzzi and sucked this guy’s fat tool! Next thing we know that this guy was lying on his back and this other guy was shoving his hard tool deep into this guy’s anus hole! He also took this other dude’s fat tool into his hands and kept rubbing it just to make him cum while he was filling that tiny anus hole! Enjoy!

extra refreshments

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First Dude Passing

Hi there cuties and welcome back for some more boy on boy action! We will have the chance and the pleasure to watch today the episode nr. 155 from this guy’s journey in this beautiful country! The next dude that had the chance to be picked up by this fella’ was this blond guy with blue eyes! Well, this isn’t the first one that got himself such a great fucking session, so we are now wondering if he is into these kind of guys! It doesn’t matter, as long as he is getting pleased! They met each other while they were in a museum and soon after that our friend offered him cash for a sexual intercourse! Let’s have a look at what happened soon after that!

As they agreed on the amount of money that he had to receive, they headed to a secret spot out in nature where they could have lots of fun and don’t be caught! As soon as he got the chance this dude sucked our guy’s fat tool until it was ready to do something more! First of all he knelled down and soon after that while this guy was lying down he slurped that fat tool one more time and he did not hesitated to shove it down his throat! Now it was time that he bended over and stay in the doggy style position so that he could have a deep and intense sexual experience cause this guy right before stuffing his tight tool with his massive cock lubed that anus with his tongue! In the end this blond dude got his ass all creamed out and soon after that it was his turn to cum! Just watch this entire scene and enjoy!

first dude passing 

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Horny As A Bull

Hi there cuties! Are you eager to get started ? We have the same czech hunter over here that is ready to keep things going! Today he thought she might pick up a blond guy in the club so when he saw him going to the bathroom he followed him and offered him money for a fucking session! Well, he wasn’t sure if the offer was serious, but when this guy gave him the money he started to smile! Now he could please this other dude and get pleased also after receiving that amount of money! Let’s see what happened in the bathroom and right after that!

It was a cold day of autumn when these two guys met! They were both in the club and they kept smiling and winking at each other! So at one point, this blond dude went to the bathroom and this other guy followed him! There, after receiving some cash he started to suck that fat cock just to make it hard enough for what was about to follow! Then, these two headed to a place where they could spend intimate moments together! As soon as he got into the room, this guy was lying on the floor waiting for him to suck that fat tool once again! So he did and soon after that it was his time to get pleased so he received a tremendous blowjob from this new friend of his and soon after that he bended over so that he could pound that tight ass! In the end this guy sucked that tool one more time until his friend released loads of creamy cum all into his mouth! Enjoy this entire scene fellas and don’t forget to cum back for more!

horny like a bull

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Kicking The Ball Around

Welcome around guys! We have this crazy czech hunter in town that is searching for some hot action around here! As our cute fellow is searching for hot and fit guys he started to search fellas around the playing courts! And he did saw all these hot guys playing basketball! So he stayed over there and kept watching them until the game was over as he wanted to choose one of them! So after the game was over there was this hot blonde dude with blue eyes that kept smiling to him and he laid down on one bench so that he could rest a little bit! All that basketball game got him pretty heated up and energic, so when he heard this guy’s proposal he accepted in no time! Let’s see what happened there!

Our dude is pretty known as a hunter over this place and when this guy saw him approaching him with his camera on, he knew what he wanted so he kept smiling to him! After receiving his cash money, they headed up in the camera that they rented for a couple of hours and there they had the chance to fuck like crazy! Everything started when these two started to touch each other! Soon after that this blond dude knelled down and he started to rub this guy’s cock trough his pants! Then he shoved his hand in and pulled that tool out, so now he had a toy to play with so he kept rubbing it and sucking it until he made it hard enough for his tight ass! Then, the penetration took place in the same room and this guy liked to be fucked from behind so that he could have access to his big cock! Have fun while watching this hot scene!

kicking the ball around 

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Metro Station Encounter

Hi there cute guys! We have prepared for you something special today! We have this fresh new and funky czech hunter scene and it implies a very interesting threesome session! Are you eager to see what happend and how this guy was picked up? Let’s see! This guy was new around here and he got a job a little bit far away from where he was living so he had to take the Metro to get to work! In this fresh new morning he had the chance to be stopped by our guys and to be offered cash to get his tight ass fucked! In the beginning he was looking a little bit strange, but when he saw that these guys was serious, he said yes! How about seeing what happened next?

As soon as these three got into a hotel room they were pretty eager to get started so they did not hesitated to get their fat cocks sucked in the same time! In the beginning two of them were teasing the third guy as they were licking his hard tool and his balls, too! Then, the fucking was about to start so this guy started to fuck one of the guys while this other dude was sucking the third guy’s fat cock! They all got their tools sucked and they all fucked each other like crazy! As they loved changing positions, we had the chance to watch them being penetrated from behind and getting on top of those large cocks cause they wanted to enjoy every single inch of those fat tools! In the end all three of them had the chance to cum on each other as they rubbed those dicks until they released all that wet and sticky cum! Enjoy!

metro station 

metro station encounter

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Czech Hunter Outdoor Entertainment

Hello there gentlemen! What are you going to respond to a guy that cums over in the park where you are staying and offers you cash for a round of outdoor sex? Well, this is what happened to this dude while he was enjoying his time off in the park! What do you think he answered? Of course, he accepted, he wanted to have some fun and some money were just great in all these rough moments! So as soon as they agreed on the amount of cash that he wanted to receive and he also got those money cash, these two fellas headed to a place where they could get more intimate, in the woods! Let’s not waste any more time and see what happened over there, shall we?

In this beautiful morning we have these two eager guys to get some action, so as soon as these two found the right spot where they could fuck without being seen, they started to take their clothes off! After taking turns in sucking each other’s fat cocks it was time to penetrate each other! The guy that was picked up was going to be the first that was going to get his tight ass hole enlarged so he bended over so that this guy could lick that hole a little bit just to lube it up so his massive cock could slide in a little bit easier! And after getting his butt penetrated from behind it was time that they changed positions and as fucked from the front he also got his cock massaged and rubbed until cumming! In the same time he got his ass filled! Just watch and enjoy this entire scene cause we have much more things we wanna show you!

outdoor entertainment

outdoor entertainment special

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Remote Hotel Room

Hey there new guys! We are back with this eager czech hunter, so we have got much more amazing scenes that you could have a look at! It features the same guy that wants to have lots of fun so he offers money in exchange for dirty sex! It seems like he likes doing these kind of stuff so he keeps getting more and more sexual action! In the following scene you are about to watch and enjoy this blonde dude with blue eyes that is gonna do what this other dude wants for cash! He accepts his offer and then they are going to retire in a hotel room! How about seeing what is going to happen there, shall we?

As soon as they both agreed on what they wanted, they headed to a park where they could get a little bit heated up! And this dude was going to start to do the job he was paid for! So he knelled down and our guy got his fat cock sucked and slurped in the middle of the nature! Next thing we know is that this dude got his money as soon as they entered in the hotel room and soon after that he was footjobing this other dude! This was only the beginning cause soon after that this cute guy was lying on the bed and he was getting his asshole destroyed by this other dude while he was getting a nice handjob! Doesn’t it sound nice? These two guys kept changing positions until both of them got what they wanted, their asses filled and creamed up with each other’s sticky and wet seed! If you enjoyed this crazy scene and you wanna see more from where this came from join us!

remote hotel-room

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Right At The Train Station

Hi there cuties! We are back and this guy is searching for some more dudes that he can have fun with, and who are we to stop him? As each and every single day, when he takes out the money guys start to smile to him! This happened also with this very cute guy with blue eyes that had a long smile on his face when this guy told him what he wanted and offered him cash! Initially he thought he was just a tourist asking for indications but now he was glad that he was much more than that! He had no idea that he was the one that he was going to be picked up at the train station! Let’s see what happened soon after that!

After getting the point of what this dude had in mind, they both headed in the same direction as they were looking for a spot where no one could see them! So after getting in the right place, this dude started to strip and he pulled his fat cock out! Soon after that he knelled down and he started to lick that fat cock cause he wanted to tease him at first! Then he started to suck and slurp that massive tool as it was a candy! After getting that large tool down his throat it was time he got his tight ass stretched up to its limits, so he bended over and this other guy could now penetrate that firm butt! They also changed position until this guy had the chance to climax and this dude with blue eyes kept rubbing his fat cock until he came also! If you are interested in seeing much more hot scenes just like this, join us and we will give you full access around here!

Right at the train-station

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After Gym

Hey there guys! We are back with some more interesting stuff! So these dudes like to pay other czech guys to let them fuck them in those tight asses, that’s pretty interesting! This crazy scenes started when this cutie was stopped by our buddies, while getting out from the gym! This guy saw that worked out body and he thought he might try it! So these two fellas went in the nearest park where they could find a place where they could stay and enjoy themselves! Soon after that they started to please each other! Let’s see what happened over there!

As there was a sunny day outside this dude thought he might find some guy willing to fuck as much as he wanted, so he kept searching until he found this cute dude that was eager to get his ass stuffed too! So as soon as they agreed, they took a walk in the park until they found the perfect spot! Soon after that this cute dude started to suck that fat cock until he thought it was hard enough for his tight ass! Then, he slowly removed all his clothes off and this dude was going to penetrate that tight butt! So as soon as this eager dude saw that fat cock, he was going to take it all into his mouth! Cause he had a hunger like no other! So now he wanted to taste that fat tool that was going to get later into his anus! And after lubing this dude’s anus hole, he started to stuff it with his massive cock! He couldn’t stop until he got his hole filled! If you liked this hot scene, cum back for more later! Enjoy this entire scene!

after a gym

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