Czech Hunter Video – Shy Guys

In today’s czech hunter video we have a dude that’s making a nice little comeback. You’ve seen him before here at our little site and today he made an encore as he was eager to get down and dirty with some more cock. To be honest the stud met up with our agent many more times since then just for pleasure fucks but this time he wants it to be official once more. So let’s not wait around any longer and just watch him as he rides our czechhunter 35 dude’s big dick for your entertainment.

Just like all of our scenes start off, the guy takes his upfront payment, and without hesitation gets to work on that big cock today. Watch him sucking and slurping and even deep throating that serious piece of man meat for you today. Then watch him as he bends over and presents his tight ass hole as it’s awaiting for the big penis to fuck it thoroughly this fine evening. We would like to remind you to take a peek at our past updates as well guys. You won’t be disappointed and that we  guarantee this time. Visit website and fun watching other sexy guys getting their tight asses stretched to the limits!

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Czech Hunter Video – Park Guys

Well it’s time for on more update and this fine day we have a czech hunter video update for you guys. As you remember we told you that we’d bring you some very hot and sexy scenes with every update and we say that we kept our word. And the only thing you have to do is to continue enjoying these scenes when you’ll come to visit every week. We don’t plan on doing things any differently from now on and you can enjoy this type of scenes similar to baitbuddies videos for many more weeks to come from now.

As the cameras start rolling in this czech hunter 14 update, our guy was at a bar wrapping up a nice little transaction as he managed to secure himself a nice little pair of guys that were down to fuck hard style for the nice and large sum of money today. So without further delays, watch the dude as he takes them to the park where he spends the whole afternoon fucking those two guys in the ass as deep as his cock can reach. We hope you enjoyed like always and we’ll see you next time with more fresh stuff!

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Tourist Fuck

In this czech hunter 27 update we have a very nice and special treat for all of you guys to enjoy. This time our dude came across a dude that wasn’t from around and you know our guy. Like the guys from chaosmen videos he always loves himself to sample some nice and tight exotic asses that are not  from around the place. This fine week you’ll get to see this foreigner as he stays on his knees to suck some cock and then watch him bend over to take his thorough ass fucking as well. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show.

As this czechhunter scene starts you can see him accepting the large sum of money that our dude gives him. And then he doesn’t waste any time taking off his pants and underwear letting our guy feel his tight little ass with his expert hands. Then watch him as he sucks the big and hard cock that he’s presented with, and them, see him as he takes his ass fucking bent over until our dude pulls out his cock and jerks off blowing his jizz all over his face today. We hope you enjoyed one more time and see you next week!


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Czech Hunter 29 – Cinema Center

Jiri told us that in this czech hunter 29 update, that it’s almost impossible to find guys in the city centre. Well, that was enough motivation for our guy to prove the the opposite. He spent a good deal of time trying to look for the perfect target as he was roaming around the place. He waited and waited and sure enough eventually he managed to come across a horny dude that was ready to get down and dirty for some gay sex today. So our czechhunter made him the proposition today.Untitled - 29

Wouldn’t you know it he was all ready and accepted the deal on the spot as our dude was already counting the money he’d give him. Then, like in all of our scenes , this horny dude starts off the paid sex session by sucking our dude’s big cock to get him nice and hard for his tight little ass. Watch him take one thorough and hard style dicking and enjoy the show everyone. Like always, we’ll be back next week even though we’re taking our leave right now. So see you then everyone!

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Czech Hunter 22 – Eurocity Train Experience

Today we return with another update and this is the czech hunter 22 update all primed and ready for your enjoyment guys. In this one we have our guy riding the Euro city train express as she gets to stick his cock in one more horny and ready ass that’s just waiting for a good dicking. As our dude entered the compartment he noticed that he’d be sharing the space with another muscled guys that looked quite good, and the two would be together for quite some time today as they were travelling long distance.

The czechhunter that was there on our behalf has his eyes formed for this kind of things and he knew that he had a keeper on his watch as he was getting ready to make his proposition. You can rest assured that the guy took the offer and immediately he wanted to show off. Watch him as he sucks on our dude’s big cock and then see him bending over to offer up his tight ass for a nice fucking for your viewing pleasure. And as a bonus at the end you get to see him covered in our guy’s jizz load.


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Fucking in the Restaurant Toilet

Hey there once again everyone, czech hunter 2 returns once again this week and we have one more superb scene for you to see. In this one we bring you a rather horny and cock hungry stud getting himself fucked hard style in a public bathroom by our dude. He got offered a nice and big sum of money in exchange for some sex services and since he had nothing better to do, and the cash was quite nice, he went along with the proposition today. Let’s see how good he is in this superb scene guys.


As the scene itself starts, the dude is going with our czechhunter to the local bathroom where they’d get to go at the little porn scene that we have ready for you. Watch as the dude starts off with a nice and deep blowjob, as he sucked the cock like a expert. You could figure out that this was not his first time doing it. And for one awesome and incredible finish watch as our guy blasts his cute face with his sticky jizz load everyone. We hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next time with even more. Come inside website and have fun watching other hot twinks getting hard fucked!

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CzechHunter 38 – Carwash Fuck

Well this fine week we have another czechhunter 38 update all ready for you. Seems that our dude decided to have his car cleaned and what he managed to also do was come across one horny dude. He sure as hell did not expect to run into this horny guy as he drove his car there, and he left him do his job after he’d offer the proposition for the guy to put up his ass for a good fucking in exchange for a bonus sum of cash. Oh you can bet that the hunk was really eager to make some extra cash today.

So when the job was done our czech hunter made his proposition and as you can guess the guy accepted whole heartedly. Then it was time for the guy to do some extra work for the money he’d receive. So let’s watch as at first he gets in the guy’s car, and starts to suck on that big cock. Then you get to see the horny man slut as he presents his ass to the guy for a nice and thorough fucking. We hope you enjoyed the update everyone and we’ll see you again next week with even more content just like in website. So have fun watching this great update!


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Broke and Desperate

This fine week we have some more fresh scenes as we bring you our czech hunter 7 update with one more superb stud getting fucked for money. This hot stud is a player for a soccer team and our guy watched him practice. Well after seeing him do his best he just had to bang this hunk no matter what. Our guy waited for the practice session to finish before going to the locker rooms and seeing if he can get the guy all by himself to present his little offer to him. So when everyone else left it was time to make his move.


As our czechhunter enters the lockers he makes sure again that the guy is alone so he can speak to him. Well he was as you might imagine and our dude enters to ask his question. Suffice to say the dude says yes on the spot and as the transaction with the cash finishes the two hunks start off their little sex party today. Watch as the soccer player bends over to take a large cock in the ass and then see him jerking off in front of the camera as he blows his big load all over the place. All in all a great update. We’ll see you soon guys! Check out blog and have fun watching other hot gay amateurs fucking! Enjoy!

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Czech Hunter 4 – Storage Room Fuck

Today czech hunter 4 returns with another awesome update for you guys to enjoy. In this one we have a super horny and cock hungry stud as he gets offered a nice sum of money to suck on some cock. this horny dude is ready to do just about anything for money as you’ll get to see in a few moments in the gayroom. Our hunter went to a nice little all male club to hunt for his next possible fresh meat that he’d stick his cock into. Well he wasn’t pleased with what he found but he did set his eyes on the bartender.

The dude looked pretty good and so our dude waited until closing hours to see if he’d strike lucky with him for this czechhunter scene. So as the time came and no one was around he straight out told the guy that he’d offer a nice sum of money if, he’d be willing to take a cock up the ass and maybe suck on it. The guy agreed so they headed to the basement as the bar was really exposed with many windows. So watch the hunk as he sucks some serious cock, and then see him take a rough anal fucking everyone. Enjoy!


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Czech Hunter 5 – Nailed For Money

Hey there once again guys, this time we bring you czech hunter 5 update with another superb stud getting a through dicking for your enjoyment.  He has a big bf collection and he attracted the attention of our scout with his unruly nature and arrogance and when he was told that he’d get a nice and big sum of money to take a cock in the ass, he changed completely. Well our guy told him to keep acting arrogant as it would look very good on camera while he would be taking a thorough dicking. Well let’s sit back and watch his little scene today everyone.


As our dude pulls out the czechhunter camera to start shooting this stud accepts his payment and straight off bends over to offer up his ass for a hard style pounding today. Our dude’s big cock was sure to stretch his tight little ass nicely, and probably work a bit on his attitude. So without further due, sit back and watch his tight ass taking a balls deep pounding today. We’re sure that you will enjoy every image of this horny guy taking a good dicking. Well with that we’re leaving you to it guys, and we’ll see you next week once more.

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